Accu-Lite® 22.5 x 8.25 38# Tubeless Aluminum Wheel - Hub-Piloted

Applications: On Highway

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    A. Bolt Circle: 285.75
    B. Center Bore: 220.20
    C. Disc: 0.75
    D. Bolt Hole Size:  
    E&F. Wheel Size: 22.5 x 8.25
    G. Offset: 6.59
    G. Inset:  
    G. Outset:  
    Bolt Holes No: 10
    Hand Holes: 10
    Material: Aluminum
    Max Load: 7400 - 131
    Measurement: Imperial
    Mounting: Hub-Piloted Dual-Mounting Two-Piece Flange Nut
    Mounting Option Box: Hub-Piloted Wheels
    Recommended Valve: DV545D Installed
    Type: 15° Tubeless Aluminum Wheel
    Weight: 38
    Special Information: Featuring Quantum99™ Aluminum Alloy.

    Features & Available Finishes

    This product comes with multiple finish options to best fit your application. When ordering, use the option codes listed below.

    • Accu-Armor™ (R)
    • Accu-Shield® (C)
    • Extra Polish (XP)
    • ProShield Black™
    • Standard Polish (SP)


    You can find out more about this product from the links below.