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Count on our supplier relationships

Code of Conduct

Accuride is dedicated to developing relationships with our suppliers as part of the total supply chain that emphasize continual improvement in quality, service, delivery, cost, and support. Ensuring that our requirements are accurately specified, communicated and understood is vital to achieving this goal.

Accuride Code of Conduct

Our vision is for suppliers to strive to:


  • Do it Right the First Time by planning, preparing and being trained to supply quality products and services.
  • Do it Right Every Time by ensuring consistent quality products and services through addressing all concerns.
  • Continually Improve by proactively improving the quality and value of products and services.


Whether you’re a current or prospective supplier of goods or services, Accuride. wants to ensure that you have access to everything you need to know about how we view supplier relationships in general, as well as our expectations regarding ethical behavior, standards and processes, supplier diversity, and more.


If you have any questions about serving as an Accuride supplier, please contact your current Accuride Supply Chain representative or click here to initiate a relationship.

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