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Slack Adjusters

Available for front (steer), rear (drive) and trailer axle applications.
Gunite Slack Adjuster

Automatic Slack Adjusters

Gunite slack adjusters are the industry’s first choice for performance, reliability and safety. Improved braking performance, lower operating costs and reduced down time are just some of the advantages you’ll experience with Gunite Automatic Slack Adjusters. The slack of choice for performance among industry leaders, you’ll find an assortment of spline and arm length configurations as well as multiple clevis options. Gunite automatic slack adjusters outperform other brands while substantially lowering vehicle and fleet operating cost.

Gunite Automatic Slack Adjusters are proven, year after year, as the standard of the industry in providing superior performance, reduced maintenance costs and consistent, long-term reliability, trip after trip.  You can depend on Gunite.