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Low Weight Climate-Friendly Steel Wheel

Utilizing thyssenkrupp’s climate-friendly bluemint® steel, Accuride’s new wheels reduce the C02 footprint of vehicles. The use of bluemint® steel significantly reduces the CO2 footprint in the production of the product. Reducing the weight of the wheel from 34.5kg to 32kg reduces the CO2 footprint over the life of the vehicle.


Certified 70% reduction in C02 during steel production and a 66% CO2 reduction during wheel production

Accuride optimized light weight steel designs have even a better C02 footprint than comparable lighter aluminum wheels (based on 1.2 Million vehicle km)

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32kg Lightweight Wheel

With bluemint® Steel
  • 22.5x9.00-10-OS175M22
    • 32 kg
    • 4,000kg nominal load
    • 10x335mm/M22 PCD
    • 175mm offset
  • Wheels fully tested and conform to EUWA 3.23 & 3.11 standards
  • First serial production steel truck wheel available in standard steel or bluemint® with reduced CO2 footprint.
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About bluemint®

Advantages of bluemint® Steel – at a glance

  • CO2 emissions reduced by up to 70 percent
  • CO2 is directly reduced at Duisburg production site
  • Certificates for the respective product
  • Primary steel, all qualities possible
  • Directly creditable against the Scope 3 emissions of our customers

Visit thyssenkrupp's website for more information on how Accuride is using bluemint® Steel