ROLLiant™ from KIC

  • KIC’s new ROLLiant™ bearing system utilizes patent-pending extended bearing cones to improve on existing long-life precision bearing systems.
  • Industry-first 10-year (trailer) and 7-year (truck) warranty 
  • ROLLiant™ works with industry standard truck and trailer applications and avoids the need for specialized spindle nuts or extra parts. KIC assembles each ROLLiant™ hub with 100% endplay inspection and serialization for complete traceability and optimal bearing life.

ROLLiant™ Warranty Registration.

TRU-SET® from Gunite

  • Gunite High Performance Hubs incorporate Gunite’s exclusive structural configurations and provide all the advantages of our standard ductile iron hubs, plus have the added advantage of the Gunite TRU-SET® Bearing Spacer Set System for industry standard truck and trailer applications.
  • Gunite’s TRU-SET® Bearing Spacer Set System are factory assembled and preloaded to exact tolerances in a controlled factory environment, the seals and bearings are protected from damage that can be a result of improper installation procedures. This greatly reduces the potential for problems caused by leaking wheel seals.


Even when wheel-end maintenance is required, the down time for installation of TRU-SET® or ROLLiant™ is substantially less than the time required to replace a traditional hub assembly. Simply remove the old wheel-end assembly and replace it with a fully-assembled TRU-SET® or ROLLiant™ sub-assembly.