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IT Co-op

Basic Purpose

This position has the following responsibilities: Work in the IT Support Center to provide first level support to user issues and requests.  Support network infrastructure and client hardware and software. 


Principal Accountabilities


1. Work in the IT Support Center answering, supporting, solving and assigning calls as required.

2. Provide technical support and troubleshooting to solve user PC and network related issues.

3. React to and resolve assigned Helpdesk calls within a reasonable period, to include completing adequate procedure and resolution documentation pertaining to the call.

4. Install software, hardware and basic network infrastructure wiring and devices.

5. Strive to do work that is as transparent as possible, that minimizes inconvenience to customers.

6. Search for and assist in establishing methods that eliminate recurrent problems and reduce required support time.


Required Skills, Education, and Experience

  • Full time enrollment in a B.S. program working toward a degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Basic understanding of the organization’s business and its information needs.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft desktop software and operating systems.
  • Basic understanding of Ethernet.
  • Moderate understanding of Personal Computer Architecture and configuration.
  • Analytical skills and the ability to understand the logic reasoning used to troubleshoot.
  • Planning and organization skills to work on multiple tasks and meet user demands.
  • Very good interpersonal communication skills.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.