Weight and Labor Saving Design

Combining a new Accuride lightweight steel wheel with Prometeon’s Pirelli tubeless tyre, the new package combo replaces the 24x8,5 tubeless single-piece wheel and tyre as well as the 24-8,5 tube-type wheel and tyre. Modern single–piece design provides significant weight saving and simplifies installation; on the production line, and in the field; Lighter package with increased payload

  • Weight saving per wheel of about 12kg over current single piece wheels
  • Weight saving per wheel of about 43kg over current tube type multipiece wheels
  • Load capacity increase to 5 tons and further overload capacity
  • Full TPMS compatibility, including internal systems
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Faster and safer to install than current 24” single-piece and multi-piece wheels
  • Fully compliant with ETRTO rules for minimal dual spacing
  • Lower carbon footprint
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Improved Stress Distribution

  • Bead integrity improvement
  • New geometry with lower deformation energy in the most stressed areas

Advanced Tread Design

  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Lower heat generation
  • Higher vehicle load capacity
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Key Features

24.5x9.00 Wheel
  • Tire mounting and filling on automated machines
  • 10x335 M22 attachment
  • Faster and safer to install than current 24" single-piece and multi-piece wheels
  • Carbon footprint reduction
    • No tube/flap & reduction of steel on rim
    • Higher durability for longer life, mileage, and lower rolling resistance
    • Significantly lower weight
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Replacing 24" Tube-Type Wheels










Up to 957 kg increase in payload* when replacing 24" tube-type combination with 24.5" tubeless wheels and tires.

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Replacing 24" Tubeless Wheels










About 12 kg of weight saving per wheel, or up to 275 kg increase in payload* when replacing 24" tubeless with 24.5" tubeless wheels and tires.


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* Weight savings based on 22-wheel vehicle.