Standard Premium Brake Drum, Cast Iron, Outboard, 16.50x7.00

Applications: On Highway

A. Brake Surface Diameter: 16.50
B. Brake Surface Width: 7.60
C. Bolt Circle Diameter: 11.25
D. Bolt Hole Size: 1.00
E. Pilot Diameter: 8.78
F. Overall Depth: 10.56
G. Mounting Flange Thickness: 0.53
Aftermarket Replacement:  
Axle Rating/GAWR:  
Brake Size: 16.50 x 7.00
Captive To:  
Drum Mount: Outboard
Finished Weight: 112.00
Maximum Wear Diameter: 16.62
Measurement: Imperial
Number of Bolt Holes: 10
OE Service Replacement:  
Wheel Type: Disc
Special Information: For severe duty use 3576X

Replaces the following products.

The interchange data shown here is information available at the time of publication, portions of which were obtained from unconfirmed sources. Therefore, accuracy of interchangeability cannot be assured. Consult with Accuride customer service to ensure exact replacement suitability.

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