Accuride’s Steel Armor for Steel Wheels

Corrosion eats fleets.  Don’t let it consume yours.

It’s tough out there.  Blistering heat.  Blinding snow.  Torrential downpours.  Gravel and other
road debris.  All eat away at the finish of your wheels.

Accuride’s revolutionary new coating technology – Steel Armor™ – solves your wheel-corrosion headache.

Think premium rust protection.  More miles of service over the life of your wheels.  A superior finish that looks great and lasts longer, reducing maintenance costs.  Our new proprietary powder coat process and technology makes all this possible.  Only from Accuride.

Our new Steel Armor™ steel wheel powder coating technology employs a proprietary protection process that is unique to Accuride. Improving the look and life of your wheels. That’s Steel Armor™. It’s the clear choice to ensure you get the maximum life from your steel wheels.

Now available in white, black and gray.

  • PKWHT21 – White
  • PKBLK21 – Black
  • PKGRY21 – Gray

Calculate the return on investment by switching to Steel Armor™

Use the Steel Armor™ Calculator to calculate the cost savings for your fleet by switching from traditional steel wheels to Accuride Steel Armor™ wheels.

For more information, download the informative brochure and learn how you can extend the life of your steel wheels.

W1.010 Accuride Steel Armor Brochure Printer-Friendly Version (PDF)

Your Only Single Source

When it comes to keeping your rig looking its best – or fighting back against the elements – you have choices. Whether it’s steel or aluminum wheels you want, we’ve got you covered.

Accuride Wheel End Solutions is the industry’s only manufacturer capable of supplying both steel and aluminum wheels for commercial vehicle fleets from a single source. We’re a wheels partner you can depend on for the success of your company.  Whether you make the extra investment in aluminum wheels or opt for the extended-life value that Steel Armor™ delivers on our steel wheels, we can help you choose what’s right for you. No other company can.