Maintenance Coordinator

Basic Purpose:

  This position is responsible for designing, programming, maintaining and troubleshooting plant wide control systems. Provide technical support required to increase production and maintenance efficiency. Troubleshoot process and equipment problems. Responsible for supporting technical activities in accordance with established Environmental, Safety and Health procedures. Develop and implement continual improvement projects by working with teams, vendors, and/or contractors. Audit the completion of preventive, predictive and emergency work as required. Provide support to Maintenance Supervisors in relief of vacation and weekend schedules.

Principal Accountabilities:

1. Make plant wide process, human machine interface and equipment control system adaptations and modifications through application of scientific techniques and principles.

2. Provide technical assistance to operations enabling resolution of manufacturing problems.

3. Assist with the development of plans to meet current and future manufacturing needs.

4. Ensure workforce has proper tools to safely, effectively and efficiently perform tasks.

5. Assist in the development and maintenance of the Quality Management System; comply with all provisions contained within.

6. Administer Collective Bargaining Agreement in accordance with company philosophies, policies, procedures and systems; apply knowledge and skills gained through supervisory training.

7. Ensure workforce compliance with Safety and Housekeeping policies and procedures through training, auditing and enforcement.

8. Ensure workforce compliance with Environmental and Health policies and procedures through training, auditing and enforcement.

9. Administer HR policies and procedures in a timely, consistent and appropriate manner.

10. Identify continual improvement and advanced (lean) manufacturing projects and drive results.

11. Drive self development so as to ever improve knowledge, skills and ability.


Key Business Skills and On-The-Job Behaviors

• Being Innovative & Adaptive – Challenges the status quo and generates creative solutions to work situations. Open to new ideas and responds quickly to opportunities when they arise. Interacts effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, overcomes barriers, and shows resilience in the face of adversity and failure.

• Driving for Results – Sets standards of excellence and continuously strives for measurable improvement. Holds him/herself and others accountable for achieving goals and creating a culture where appropriate risk taking is encouraged and supported.

• Focusing on the Customer – Forms active working relationships with internal and external customers by anticipating, analyzing, and responding quickly to opportunities, needs, and problems. Understands the importance of satisfying customer requirements.

• Fostering Open Communication & Teamwork – Listens well and encourages the open expression of ideas. Recognizes and accepts diverse opinions. Works with others both as a leader and as a team member towards shared goals related to business objectives. Provides resources to the team, does what is promised, shares information with team, supports team decisions, and recognizes team contributions.

• Quality and Continual Improvement – Is aware of and understands Accuride’s Quality Policy and Quality Objectives and how they affect his/her job. Contributes substantially to Accuride’s CI initiatives related to revenue enhancement, cost reduction, process improvement, waste elimination, and more. Serves on and/or leads CI teams that accomplish target results. Pursues CI initiatives related to one’s own job and function.

• Using Sound Judgment and Decision Making – Makes effective decisions based on logical assumptions and adequate information. Effective decisions take into consideration resources, constraints, and organizational values.