Maintenance Technician II

Basic Purpose

This position is accountable for providing maintenance services and support to the Henderson Plant. Maintenance Technicians do various types of mechanical and electrical work on production machinery and equipment, as well as perform facility maintenance functions.  Maintenance Technicians may work alone or in teams, they must collaborate to solve problems, be responsive to their customers and take initiative required to ensure that machines and equipment functioning are optimized.  

Principal Accountabilities

Maintains and repairs various manual, automatic, or semi-automatic production machines such as robots, hard automation, mechanical and hydraulic presses, and hydraulic and pneumatic forming and cutting machines.  

  1. Removing, replacing, and/or repairing manual, automatic or semi-automatic production machines, robotic equipment, and maintenance equipment.
  2. Identifying specific vendors for tasks and ordering parts for machines and equipment repairs.
  3. Reading and interpreting blueprints, machine drawings, schematics, etc.
  4. Troubleshooting equipment problems.
  5. Troubleshooting and repairing robots.
  6. Troubleshooting and repairing programmable controllers.
  7. Training Production Technicians and Process Technicians to do minor maintenance functions.
  8. Perform or ensure that preventive maintenance tasks are completed.
  9. Staying current and updating PM procedures.
  10. Effective communication with all levels of staff to achieve objectives herein.
  11. Ensure effective and consistent administration of all company policies, procedures, programs, and systems.

    Required Skills, Education, and Experience

  12. Electrical, mechanical, or multi-craft skills, education/certifications and experience required.
  13. A minimum of five years’ experience in manufacturing industry – skilled trade preferred.
  14. Must have strong leadership skills to plan, organize and perform a variety of projects.
  15. Must have proven ability to lead and function within a team.
  16. Basic understanding of the organization’s business and its production needs.
  17. Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Plex, and Autodesk Vault
  18. Analytical skills and the ability to understand the logic and reasoning used to troubleshoot.
  19. Planning and organization skills to work on multiple tasks and meet production demands.
  20. Good interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
  21. Knowledge of safety, OSHA, and ANSI Compliance standards.
  22. Knowledge of Stores Systems, Procedures, Practices.
  23. Knowledge of Predictive/Preventative Maintenance Systems, Procedures, Practices.
  24. Advanced Understanding of Production Processes: Disc Area, Rim Area, Wheel Assembly Area, Paint Area, Shipping Area
  25. Technical Manuals and PM procedures interpretation, Corrections, and Modifications.
  26. Knowledge of Machinery, Equipment and Tooling Drawings:
    •  Interpretation, Corrections, and Modifications.
  27. Knowledge of Fluid Power Piping and Schematics:
    •  Interpretation, Corrections, and Modifications.
  28. Knowledge of Facility and Utilities Drawings:
    •  Interpretation, Corrections, and Modifications.
  29. Basic troubleshooting, repairing, maintaining, and modifying:
    • Stores Systems, Procedures, Practices
    • Machinery, Equipment, Tooling, Fluid Power Systems,
    • Facility Systems
      • [Compressed Air Distribution, Steam (Less than 15psi) and Condensate Distribution, Natural Gas Distribution, Water (Chilled, Potable, Process, Waste, etc.) Distribution]
    • Machine Safeguarding, Robots, CNC Equipment.
  30. Software Skills: MS Project, DWG TrueView
  31. Advanced Troubleshooting Skills
  32. All Available Mechanical/Fluid Power Test and Measurement Tools and Equipment