Global Supplier Summit


Global Supplier Summit

As part of our efforts to ensure that Accuride Corporation has a world-class, collaborative Supply Chain, Accuride Corp.’s 2012 Global Supplier Summit provided an opportunity to urge our top suppliers to deliver higher levels of performance more predictably, and to give them new standards to help them achieve it.

The 2012 Summit was attended by executives from 37 of Accuride’s largest suppliers representing more than two-thirds of Accuride Corp.’s raw material, logistics, MRO and indirect spend.

In addition to receiving updates on Accuride’s strategic plans for procurement, logistics and distribution, inventory control and planning, and supplier quality and development, Summit attendees received an update on Accuride Corp.’s strategy and key initiatives to “Fix and Grow” our business operations so they could understand their role in supporting the strategy’s timely execution.

Download the presentations from the 2012 Accuride Corporation Global Supplier Summit (PDF)

“We received a lot of positive feedback about the meeting. The suppliers appreciated the strong alignment and commitment of our leadership team and found the transparency with which we shared our financial and business objectives refreshing. They also were encouraged to see our new Supply Chain team taking charge to lead our major initiatives, and to receive very clearly defined objectives.”
– Mary Blair, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management