Board Committees

Board Committees and Composition

Much of the work of the Accuride Corporation Board of Directors is handled by committees comprised of at least three Directors. While the Board may form a new committee or disband a current committee as needed, the three current committees are as follows:

The Audit Committee reviews the work of the Company’s internal accounting and audit processes and independent auditors. The Audit Committee also has sole authority to appoint and fire the Company’s independent auditors and to approve any significant non-audit relationship with the independent auditors.

The Compensation and Human Resources Committee discharges the Board’s responsibilities relating to compensation of the Company’s executives, reviews the Company’s senior management structure and periodically assesses the capabilities of the Company’s officers, ensures that succession planning takes place for the chief executive officer and other senior management positions, and complies with the compensation rules, regulations and guidelines promulgated by the SEC and other law, as applicable. The Compensation and Human Resources Committee also produces an annual report on executive compensation for inclusion in the Company’s proxy statement, in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for recommending to the Board individuals to be nominated as directors and committee members. This includes evaluation of new candidates as well as evaluation of current directors. This committee is also responsible for developing and recommending Corporate Governance Guidelines to the Board, as well as reviewing and recommending revisions to the Guidelines on a regular basis.

Committee Composition

Director Audit Committee Compensation & Human Resource Committee Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee
Robin J. Adams
Vice Chairman, BorgWarner Inc. (Ret.)
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Keith E. Busse
Chairman, Steel Dynamics, Inc.
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Richard F. Dauch
President & CEO, Accuride Corporation
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Robert Davis
Managing Director, Littlejohn & Co., LLC
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Lewis Kling
President, CEO & Director, Flowserve Corporation (Ret.)
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John W. Risner, Chairman
President, The Children’s Tumor Foundation
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James R. Rulseh
President, JRR & Associates, LLC
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Chairperson Member Financial Expert