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Accuride Corporation doesn’t want to be everything to everyone.  Our vision is only to become the premier supplier of wheel-end system solutions to the global commercial vehicle industry.

That’s why we’re so intently focused on creating and maintaining a portfolio of businesses and product brands that directly support our mission. We’re making substantial investments in existing businesses. We’re realigning the way we market complementary products across business units. We’re investigating possible mergers and acquisitions. We’re bringing personnel on-board who have as much strategic vision as they have business acumen.



Accuride Wheel End Solutions Logo

Accuride is the industry’s only single source wheel end solutions provider capable of supplying both steel and aluminum wheels and a range of wheel end components. Previously marketed separately under the business and brand names Accuride Wheels (steel and aluminum wheels) and Gunite (drums, hubs, rotors, and slack adjusters), Accuride recently capitalized on the inherent synergy between the two businesses to create Accuride Wheel End Solutions.

The long-trusted brand names aren’t gone. The Accuride Wheels-branded product line is still the broadest in the North American heavy- and medium-wheel industry. Plus, it’s still the largest North American manufacturer and supplier of wheels for heavy- and medium-duty trucks and commercial trailers, and the only manufacturer and supplier of both steel and forged aluminum heavy- and medium-wheels.

The Gunite-branded product line still includes 100% made in the USA brake drums, disc wheel hubs, spoke wheels, and rotors, as well as slack adjusters, for the heavy-duty and medium-duty trucking, off-highway and bus markets and their related aftermarkets; and it is still the largest producer of wheel-end systems and components in North America.

But the customer experience, ordering process, manufacturing and engineering, and overall dependability will be greater now that both brands are folded into Accuride Wheel End Solutions than they could ever be on their own.

The only question we have is, “why didn’t we do this sooner?!”

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